Looking Far Away Professionally (2019)

This Looking far away method through the endurance training for the eyes, can promote qi and blood of the eyes going into the deeper level, so for the stubborn visual problems, the effect is rapid, but this requires practitioners full of energy, or the effect maybe counterproductive.


1. Download and print shuzi mingmu chart 我的眼睛明亮了(My eyes have been bright already): www.zhinengculture.com/download

2. Post the shuzi mingmu chart on the right front wall, and find one of the word as practice target.

3. Ajust the seat and target, keep the target on the same lever with the eyes and just can’t be told.

4. Prepare a timer.

5. Sitting upright, close the eyes slightly, relax the whole body, rest the mind for five minutes.


1. Slowly open the eyes, look straight forward at the target, try your best not to blink the eyes , not move the eyeballs, when feel not easy to control, you can blink the eyes, then continue, totally keep on ten minutes.

3. Close the eyes, rest the mind for five minutes.

4. Slowly open the eyes.


1. Every day simply practice one time at a fixed time and place.

2. When the target is easy to see clear, please replace a new target.

3. If feel the eyes tired, you can close the eyes earlier.

4. Check the vision with standard logarithmic visual acuity chart before and after exercise.

5. Please refer to shuzi mingmu looking far away method instructions.