My experience with Mingmu method and with the teacher Dong Xinjian

Damjan Knezevic

From my childhood I had problems with vision. I start to wear glasses when I was 9 years old and from that time my diopter increases many times.

When I was a University student doctor add astigmatism prescription to my glasses. From that time I had very bad headaches when I put on my glasses. My eyes often become red and very dry.

When I finished University because of those very bad headaches I choose to do Lasik surgery. After that I had perfect vision but still sometimes I had headaches, dry eyes and often it was difficult for me to read books or computer for a longer time.

Ten years after surgery my diopter starts again to increase. Last winter the doctor told me that I need again to wear glasses. Dopter was: – 0,50 with astigmatism 0,75 on both eyes. I try again to wear glasses but again I had very bad headaches and red eyes.

I have read on the internet about many methods to improve vision and there I also found about Mingmu method. I live and work in China so I choose to spend 7 days during this winter holiday with the teacher Dong Xinjian on his retreat.

That was an amazing experience for me. He teaches me basic Qi Gong teachings and techniques for improving vision.

After a few days I already felt that my vision is better. Especially I have recognized that during the night I don’t see any more blurriness as I saw before.

Teacher Dong measured every day my Vision and we noticed that during seven days my vision had improved for one line on the vision chart, which is equivalent for 0.25 diopter. It was enough for me that I really don’t need to wear glasses. With right eye I can see perfectly now, on the left eye I still have little astigmatism.

I check my vision when I arrived back to my city and I notice that it has really improved. Except for vision I feel that thanks to Qi Gong practice all my body feel better.

I will continue to practice Qi Gong and this vision training because I see that it very good for my health. I can say that according to my experience the Mingmu method is the fastest and most powerful method for improving vision. Before this I have tried the Bates method, plus lens therapy method, active focus… But this one really works best for me.

I very thankful to teacher Dong and will suggest you everyone who suffer from bad eye conditions to try Mingmu method and also Zhineng Qigong practice.

Best wishes