Notice of Shuzi Jianshi Open and Free

Dong Xinjian Jan. 8th 2019

Shuzi Jianshi is a kind of natural vision training method, which fuses my 30 years of health practice experience. It has a set of systematic theory and methods. The effect is remarkable, the method is simple, and it produced so much favourable comment and confirmation from many people with vision problems at home and abroad.

This method is based on the holistic view of the unity of heaven and man. It can improve vision and help to perfect body and mind at the same time.

The purpose of this method is to help more people improve their eyesight and go to the light.

With the improvement of social living standards, human’s health needs become more urgent. At the same time, in order to give this method a broader platform, let it go to the world faster, and better serve mankind. Now decide to open this method, and use it free.
The text, audio and videos of this method have been publicly released on, users can learn by yourselves or participate in my offline or online training.

Any institution, including hospital, vision and health company and individual, can use it freely for the proper purpose.