Numerical Closing Eyes Resting Mind Method

Numerical closing eyes resting mind method is a simple, safe and efficient health preservation method in Numerical improving health method, and it is also an important method in Numerical improving eyesight method (simply called mingmu method). It is developed according to the common method of closing eyes resting mind.

Closing eyes resting mind is a natural instinct of human beings and even animals. The ancients understood its mechanism before they invented Zen meditation, sitting meditation, qigong, yoga and other health preserving methods. When the body is uncomfortable due to fatigue or illness, the fatigue and illness can be alleviated or even eliminated completely by closing eyes resting mind. When the simple ancients have nothing to do and close eyes, rest mind, they maybe experienced greater pleasure and comfort.

Therefore, the contemporary health preserving methods such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, medicine and martial arts should come from the natural instinct of ancient human beings: the method of closing eyes resting mind.

By studying the traditional method of health preservation, we got rid of the complicated consciousness activities, trace its origin and return it to its original function of life, we wrote this method. Therefore, everyone can learn this method.

The effects of traditional health preserving methods, such as improving eyesight, developing wisdom, enhancing memory, eliminating diseases, keeping fit and prolonging life, can also be fully realized by simply closing eyes resting mind.

As the saying goes, the greatest truth is the simplest.

Practice method:

  1. Take the most comfortable posture, standing, sitting or lying, all is ok.
  2. Close your eyes gently and relax your whole body.
  3. Let the brain rest completely and think nothing. The brain is empty as a mirror, but the heart is dead and the mind is alive. As the book of changes says, it is still, but when something come, it can feel at once.
  4. At this time, without the interference of thoughts, the body’s self-organizing function and self-healing function can be fully activated, so that the whole body’s qi and blood can be automatically unobstructed and life will be automatically optimized.
  5. When the Qi and blood are flowing, the body may have sore, pain, itch, numbness and other phenomena. Ignore it. The mind like still water,or like mirror reflecting things, things come and appear, things go and empty. There is no discrimination.
  6. As long as you are energetic, the longer you practice, the better.
  7. When you finish, open your eyes slowly and relax for a while.


The reason why this method is called “numerical closing eyes resting method” is that we emphasize that the effect of practice is directly related to the number of practice time. If you want to achieve quick effect, you should practice more. Practice for one hour, two hours, three hours each time. Use numbers to record your practice time. Quantitative change to qualitative change, the effect must be certain, but not like ordinary people, just close eyes rest mind for a while, then it’s over.