Shuzi Mingmu Online Vision Training Course (August 1-8th, 2020)(Recordings Clips)

This recordings is clipped from shuzi mingmu online vision training course(August 1-8th, 2020), with eight sessions, section 9 is a supplementary course,totally is near 8 hours. The language is Chinese and English.

The recordings include videos and audios, it can be played and download online with password.

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20200801: course introduction, explanation and practice of closing eyes nourishing mind, looking far away professionally, explanation of standing meditation.

20200802: answer questions, explain Qigong method: laqi mingmu, practice looking far away professionally, laqi mingmu.

20200803: answer questions, explain Imagination method: sunlight shower, eyes painting, practice looking far away professionally, sunlight shower, eyes painting.

20200804: supplementary explanation of looking far away and imagination method, explanation of Yoga method: relaxation, practice looking far away professionally, relaxation.

20200805: answer questions, theory: how to perfect eyesight, practice looking far away professionally.

20200806: answer questions, theory: how to practice standing meditation well, practice looking far away professionally.

20200807: answer questions, theory: how to make the mind peaceful, practice looking far away professionally. The first 15 minutes don’t have video.

20200808: answer questions, theory: about practice, practice looking far away professionally.

20200809: practice looking far away professionally, laqi mingmu, sunlight shower, eyes painting, relaxation.


Dear Laoshi,

I feel I ask too many questions. Sorry.

  1. You talk about being in an energetic state to practice. Can you please explain a bit more what you mean exactly by energetic state ? Are you saying that we need to have determination, trust, concentration, feel phsyically strong in our mind and body ?
  2. About Standing meditation: I understand there are many forms of standing meditation. The one I do is following Dr. Pang’s standing meditation with the feet turned in a little bit. Is there any difference for you with feet straight and hands on chest level ? I like to put my arms like the laoshi does at chest level , but I wonder why Dr. Pang put hands on lower du qi ? Any difference for you in efficiency? Thank you,

Sorry one more question.

What suggestions do you have to practice far away method if someone has a condition of dry eyes whereby they cannot stare long at a target and get very uncomfortable ?. Thier doctors tell them not to do this because they say it is bad for their eyes. I have experience this with some practitioners.

Dear Laoshi,

I have the following quesitions:

Do we practice allthe different methods evertytime that we practice? Or can we practice each method seperately throughout the day ? What is the best sequence of the practice if we cannot practice all in one time ? Can we practice the methods individually ?

Is it good or not to practice far away method more than one time a day.?

What about possible mild headaches or tension on the forehead area or eyes area after practice? I had this one day after practice. Is it normal.?

Is this practice good for post recovery from eye surgery, for example after a surgery for cataracts?

Can you please spell the name of the western eye doctor from you you learnt the method and you have integrated with your own method? Doctor B…?

Does this method help to develop extrasensory perception with the eyes ?

Sorry too many questions. OK if you do not address them all in one time.

Thank you

I guess with the order you can play right, I also can imagine, first building up Qifield and than yoga method(which I prefer to call relaxation, if that is ok?) So by the relaxation the qi and blood flow more easily, which is a great preparation for the methods right?

I am interested how do you explain by Looking far away , making the connection with the center of your head by students who do not have any experience with Zhineng Qigong(for those students it is clear). Sort of making a bridge?

The imagination method, imagination meaning not really doing it haha. So the name is interesting, because by circling the eyes we do make the movement by our eyeballs right?

The saying is Wu hou fang xiu dao, meaning: wu:enlighment, hou:after, fang:then, xiu:practice, dao: taoism

This means real practice starts after enlightment.

For znqg the highest level is xing shen ju miao, xing:body, shen:mind, ju:both, miao: so wonderful.

The remark I made about the ZQ teachers and wearing classes, was because I find this interesting. I know for example that … has a high kung fu level, that is why it fascinates me. So in theory ZQ can heal everything(which I believe) but it is not always that easy, also not for teacher with real high Kung Fu. So it was not really a question, it just makes me think.

Last night(our time, hours after the training) my eyes where crying and burning, so Qi is working.

One question

I did the test with my eyes before the training, and Ii had the idea that they are less than yesterday. So they went backwards a bit. Is this something that happens a lot? First back before improving or so?

No glasses for this ?

Another question Laoshi. Sorry, I should practice at yin tang level ?

I have some questions. The looking far away method how far should I practice. I did it today like infront of computer distance and then second half a bit more far away., maybe 1 meter.

How much time do I practice, Example I practice one week for each character exmaple or I decide when I see OK I move to next smaller character or I practice moving further away ? Any difference doing one way or the other.?

Also I only practiced Three Center Merge. Is it OK to only practice this. ?

What exact is the distance for looking far away/ At least 3 metres right?

And by looking far away I look on the chart line number 10, but there are different lettres, is this ok? Or is it better to focus on one point(or one letter)?

And I was just checking, there are not many ZQ teachers that I know who are wearing classes, but … does. Hmm Interesting..