Zhineng Qigong Culture Center Teachers

Cheng Yonghai

Teacher Cheng Yonghai
Zhineng Qigong Laoshi Cheng Yonghai

I began to learn qigong from 1985, and learned zhineng qigong from 1990.

I worked in hebei huaxia zhineng qigong center from April,1994 to December,1998.

Now I work on qigong training and healing.

Duan Kanjun

Teacher Duan Kanjun
Zhineng Qigong Laoshi Duan Kanjun

I began to learn zhineng qigong in 1992.

I studied teacher class from 1994 to 1996 in huaxia zhineng qigong center, after graduation, I worked in the center until December, 1998.

Now I work on qigong training and healing.

Xie Chuan

Teacher Xie Chuan
Zhineng Qigong Laoshi Xie Chuan

In 1987 I started practicing zhineng qigong when I was reading in middle school. The most important reason is that my mother suffered from several diseases, the most serious one is meniere’s syndrome, after more than a month of practice, mind and body have taken place obvious progress. And through the practice I also made a lot of experience in the treatment, such as fracture, Gastric ulcer, burns, Chronic diseases, Gas poisoning, Physical pain, and so on.

In 1993-1995, I studied in huaxia zhineng qigong training center for 2 years teachers’ training course.

In 1995-1998, I worked in administrative office of huaxia zhineng qigong training center.

In 1998-Nov. 1999, I worked in the training department of huaxia  zhineng qigong training center as a teacher.

In 2000-2011 I worked in Shanghai and did free work in qigong. (I had a human resources training company for 8 years,There were a lot of cooperation from  the American professional manpower company in Asia Pacific.

In the spring 2012, I closed my company decisive for dedication to zhineng qigong Cultural transmission.

Since the spring of 2012, I worked more then half a year in wudang mountain qigong center. I did training and healing for the people around the world.

 Dong Xinjian
Zhineng qigong training in Malaysia in 2012
Zhineng qigong Laoshi Dong Xinjian

I began to learn qigong from 1987, and learned zhineng qigong from 1990.

I Learned teacher class from 1993 to 1995 in huaxia zhineng qigong center, and then I worked in huaxia zhineng qigong rehabilitation center from Sep,1995 to Dec 1996.

I went to many inland cities, and Hongkong, Malaysia and taught zhineng qigong from 1997.