Vision and health training course primary class reference plan

There are ten classes in the primary class, each class is one and a half hours. The contents are lecture, eyesight training and health training.

The content of health training is standing meditation, open and close, group qi healing etc.

Lectures and vision training are as follows:

Lesson 1, course introduction: mingmu method effects, origin and development.

Lesson 2, resting method: closing eyes resting mind

Lesson 3, looking far away methods: looking far away pofessionally.

Lesson 4, looking far away methods: looking far away methods at leisure, looking far away with ruduced degrees glasses.

Lesson 5, qigong method: open close and pour qi.

Lesson 6, imagination method: sunlight shower, eyes painting, clear trip.

Lesson 7, yoga method: relax the whole body.

Lesson 8, mind method: think and get.

Lesson 9, martial arts method: standing meditation

Lesson 10: answer questions, practicing the methods of improving vision and health.